Teen Derm A.Z 30 ml removes skin imperfections


Teen Derm A.Z removes skin imperfections. Triple action: anti-blemish, anti-hyperpigmentation mark, ultra soothing.

Anti-blemish, anti-mark intense skincare:
Do you struggle with severe blemishes that are sometimes painful, or do your pimples sometimes leave dark marks on your skin that impact your daily life? Try our TEEN DERM® A.Z skincare product to restore the comfort and well-being you deserve every day.

Proven efficacy in as fast as 5 days.

PROPERTIES: Teen Derm A.Z removes heavy imperfections, softens, smoothes and mattifies inflamed oily skin.

It is suitable for pregnant or lactating women!
Free of parabens and phenoxyethanol!

Thanks to our know-how in using this ingredient on redness-prone skin, we've gained knowledge about its acne-fighting properties and have since doubled down on this expertise to develop Teen Derm A.Z, formulated with a 15% concentration of azelaic acid .

The 4 key steps:
1. Wash your face and dry with a towel.
2. Apply a small amount of the product, avoiding the eye area. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with clean water.
3. Massage until absorbed.
4. Do not rinse.

When to use?
– Morning and night.
– Daily.

The benefits of this formula?
- Non-greasy, non-sticky texture.
– An immediate fresh, mattifying effect.

To enhance results:
Combine your TEEN DERM A.Z with TEEN DERM Sensitive Gel cleanser morning and night for a complete routine for oily, acne-prone sensitive skin.

Dermatologically tested.

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